Welcome to Buds Craft Cannabis Co.


Known for our elegant atmosphere and competitive, affordable prices, we bring a very unique gift to the cannabis industry that we call, "The Buds Experience."


Right in the heart of downtown McAlester, we showcase the product of true THC in it's most raw fashion. At Buds, we believe that our local cultivators, processors, small batch kitchens and agriculturist are the very cornerstone of this flourishing new industry.


Our zeal for small batch culture inspired us to create an elegant, unparalleled atmosphere for their products to be displayed. What truly sets Buds apart is this; In each display, on each menu, for every product you'll know where it came from and who it came from.

Come by and be a part of The Buds Experience.

We are open:

Monday - Sunday 8am to 10pm


3rd & Choctaw, McAlester


306 E Choctaw

McAlester, OK 74501